We now offer two Green methods of Bedbug Control including specially designed heaters that heat your home and contents up to 135 degrees that kill all stages of bed bug without poisons.

Bed bugs are insects that feed on human blood, mostly at night, when we sleep. They keep close to their food source, making their homes in our beds. More than 80% of all the bed bugs in an infested home are found on the bed or within 15 feet away from it. To protect yourself and your family from these pests, many pest management professionals and entomologists recommend encasing your mattress in a high-quality matress encasement, specially designed and tested to keep the bed bugs in. If you don't have bed bugs, a matress encasement is the best preventive measure for keeping them out of your bed.

A bed bug mattress cover, or a mattress encasement, is a tightly woven case that prevents bed bugs from infesting your mattress or box spring. Once it is installed, it traps the bed bugs that are already in the furniture. Bed bugs on the outside of the mattress cover will not be able to live and breed in the mattress, since they can't penetrate the encasement. Also, a mattress cover makes it easier to spot bed bugs on its smooth surface, because there are no deep seams or crevices where they can hide.

If you have a mattress and a box spring, you'll need to purchase a mattress cover for the box spring as well. Adult bed bugs can live for well over a year without a blood meal, so you'll need to leave the mattress covers on for at least that long to be sure all resident bed bugs are dead.